Locating Your Dryer’s Model Number
Check the indicated locations on your dryer one by one to find the appliance’s model number.
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Locating Your Appliance Model Number: A Crucial Step in Appliance Repair
Discovering the model and serial numbers of your dryer is a fundamental and essential task when faced with appliance issues. These identification numbers act as the key to unlocking the precise details of your appliance’s make and model, providing invaluable information for troubleshooting and repair processes.
Why is it Important?

Accurate Diagnosis:

The model and serial numbers offer a blueprint of your appliance's specifications. When troubleshooting an issue, repair professionals can pinpoint the problem more accurately with this information, ensuring a quicker and more effective resolution.

Compatibility of Parts:

Appliances come in various versions, each with unique components. Identifying the model number ensures that replacement parts are a perfect match, preventing the frustration of ordering incorrect components that won't fit or function correctly.

Warranty Verification:

Knowing the model and serial numbers allows you to verify the warranty status of your appliance. This information is crucial for determining whether repairs are covered, potentially saving you money on out-of-pocket expenses.

Finding Your Appliance’s Model Number
Check out our user-friendly infographic below to easily locate the model and serial numbers on your household appliance. We’ve provided step-by-step guidance for various common appliances, empowering you to take control of your appliance repair journey.
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Empower Yourself with Knowledge
Armed with the correct model and serial numbers, you’re not just fixing an appliance; you’re ensuring a tailored and efficient repair process. Take a moment to explore our infographic and unlock the potential to extend the life of your appliances with precision and confidence. Your household deserves the best care, and we’re here to help you provide it.