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We have provided a useful infographic with common locations where the model number of your home appliance may be located.
We have provided a useful infographic with common locations
where the model number of your home appliance may be located.
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Why Finding Your Appliance’s Model Number Matters
Locating the model number of your home appliance is a crucial step in ensuring effective maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. This alphanumeric identifier serves as a unique fingerprint for your appliance, providing essential information about its specifications and components.

Precision in Repairs:

Efficient Troubleshooting: When an appliance malfunctions, a technician needs to know the exact model to diagnose and fix the issue promptly. Also accurate part replacements: Identifying the model ensures that replacement parts are compatible, reducing the risk of errors during repairs.

Enhanced Customer Support:

Tailored Assistance: When seeking support from the manufacturer or service providers, providing the model number ensures that you receive guidance specific to your appliance's make and model.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Look for a label or tag on the appliance’s exterior, typically near the door, on the back, or along the appliance’s frame. The model number is usually a combination of letters and numbers.
No, the model number and serial number are distinct. The model number identifies the specific appliance model, while the serial number provides a unique identifier for your individual appliance.
Yes, the owner’s manual often includes information on where to find the model number. Check the manual that came with your appliance, as it may have diagrams or instructions for locating the model number.
If the model number is difficult to read, try using a flashlight or magnifying glass. If still unsuccessful, check other locations on the appliance or refer to the user manual for alternative methods.
The model number is crucial for identifying the specific components and features of your appliance. When requesting repairs or purchasing replacement parts, providing the accurate model number ensures compatibility and efficient service.

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